Digital Door Locks

Published: 02nd May 2012
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It is often said that an Englishman's home is his castle. In days gone by there were guards standing by for attack and big heavy barriers to ensure nobody entered the grounds uninvited. This feeling of protecting your house is natural. At the end of the day, a house is a home, and it is probably where most of your worldly possessions are, which you have built up over the years. Not making sure that your place is guarded is akin to the castle guards going off duty and then sending out a flare to let distant pillagers know the door lock is open and that there are easy pickings to loot.

Fast forward to modern day technology and there is a multitude of amazing systems which can say open sesame or not at your front porch or gate. These clever devices literally shut out unwanted intruders, and uninvited guests from your place of abode. It might all sound a little spy-like, but they can recognise the master or the mistress of the house by fingerprint recognition locks, or even face detection, or only allow entry to someone holding a specially programmed key-card. At the first point of entry people want access control and they might want a select few to have to punch in a pin number to get through, and to have a record of the time of entry as well.

Both homes and businesses want to look after their goods and it is not always just about monetary value. Important documents in an office can be invaluable, just as photographs and heirlooms have sentimental worth that far exceeds their value. However, during a break-in, things not only get stolen but ruined in the rush to get in and out without getting caught. A thief can easily break through flimsy door locks and does not differentiate between personal possessions which have meaning and those which they can flog off the back of a lorry.

Feeling secure is about having peace of mind and a digital door looks deadbolt can help, just as digital devices in hotels can make guests feel secure sharing with strangers, and leaving their things during the night without worrying unduly about somebody getting in.
It is amazing sometimes how homeowners and businesses do not understand that if the entry to their home or premises is not protected that is an open invitation to the trained eye of a thief. Now with technology storming the security world there are so many super secure and ultra convenient products out there. One of the most impressive items on the market today are the latest Digital Door Locks, not only do they offer keyless entry, ensuring you'll never be locked out your premises again but they are equipped will amazing features like automatic locking, fire detecting and an anti vandal and burglar alarm all on the lock itself. Now this my seen like something only out of a movie but the reality is that these amazing products are now readerly available to everyone at affordable budgets.

There are a number of international award wining fingerprint door locks used to be something of the future, now it's a must have as gaining access could not be more secure or more convenient, not only is your fingerprint the key, the fingerprint door locks are equipped with the same outstanding features that the digital door locks have, which include fire detection, vandal proof, burglar alarm etc. The unique technology of algorithms verifies the user in less than a second insuring you the highest security possible. The fingerprint door locks also come with multiple unlocking ways including pin passcode, key tags etc, insuring you will never have any issues allowing other persons to gain access when you are not present, even if they are not programmed into the lock. Like the digital door locks all the programming is done on the unit itself which makes enrolling and deleting users quick and easy, nothing could be more convenient.

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